Events at WolfLife
Weekly Schedule
Campus House Open M-F 9a-5p (or later)
College Class at Southwest Church | 9a
Women's Small Group (Location Changes) | 5:30p
Wolfeed (Free Lunch) | 11:30a-1:30p
WolfLife Worship | 6:30p-7:30p
Men's Small Group | 5p
International Dinner | 6:30p
At WolfLife we want to provide a safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment for ALL students. You'll hear this a lot when you come through the doors of our Campus House: "Every Student Welcome. Always." These events are established to build community, grow the Church, and deepen relationships.
Minor Events
These are events usually hosted in our building on campus on Tuesday nights. We don't claim to be (nor want to be) an event center. We are called to make disciples, not host parties. However, events are a great way to build community, get closer to friends, and maybe explore your creative side and let your nerd-flag fly!
What you may find on a Tuesday night is: Table Tennis Tourney, Movie Night, Game Night, Bingo Night, the list goes on and on!
Major Events
These nights are the ones you're going to remember. Some of our favorites are:
- Fall Retreat . October
- Girls & Guys Retreats . Fall & Spring
- Gulf Coast Getaway . January
- Summer Mission Trip . May
- & more!
Gulf Coast Getaway
There's no better way to start the year than being with 20+ campus ministries and 800+ college students from all over the world worshiping God in one place.

Fun in the Sun? Check. Losing your voice? Check. Kicking your year off worshiping alongside students & friends? You bet.