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Wolflife Campus Ministry at Arkansas State University
21 things for you to do the first 21 days at ASTATE to quickly thrive at Arkansas State University.
Don’t just survive Arkansas State. Thrive at ASU!

Make the Most of Your College Experience.

Being a college student is like getting a driver's license and a new car at the same time. Independence. Freedom. Opportunity.

Relationships are key.
Surround yourself with the right relationships and support to enjoy the ride.

At Wolflife, we believe you'll NEVER regret following Jesus.

Join Wolflife and discover Jesus is:
For Joy • For Life • For Real

They say there are no free lunches…
except Tuesdays @ Wolflife!

Join us this week.

Join us at Lift! Wednesday night at 7p.
We will be taking an in-depth look at Jesus greatest sermon in matthew 5-7.

Hope to see you here as we pursue jesus every single day and we build our life upon his words.